ONCE UPON A TIME there WAS the creatiON

Of some of the distinctions that men flatter themselves we are all of the same origin.
This origin of Man was demonstrated by the discovery of Lucy's skeleton in 1974. 
Recently, many proofs to the universality of culture have been uncovered
by the Cercle d'Etudes Scientifiques Pierre Rayer.   
This discovery is based on scientific observations and demonstrates the use of the same universal knowledge found in the creation of works of art and architecture in all countries
of the world from antiquity to the modern period. Is it not your duty today to promote this peace-bearing universality and to be its guide and pillar for the happiness of future generations ? 
It is therefore obvious and primordial now to create a dedicated place to present to Humanity
the knowledge relating to this principle of universality.
This would be the first museum dedicated to the Universality of cultural creation.



Why are we creating the Universae Museum ?

Above all, an individual or collective personality is only coherent if its past elements are intimately woven with its present structures without excluding the ruptures necessary for progress.
Whatever country or continent one lives in, many museums present collections according to well-known principles of analysis. Objects commonplace in everyday life find their place in historical
or archaeological  museums.  

They show the skills of our ancestors when it comes to solving a practical problem. It could be said that these objects bear witness to the "functional" aspect of creation.
Others focus on the expression of creative talent. Painting (from cave paintings to masterpieces), sculpture, architecture, ... all are presented to us according to a specific plastic category, in sub-categories belonging to specific currents. 

Figurative, impressionist, pointillism for painting, mannerism, rococo, romanticism for sculpture, gothic, baroque, Romanesque for architecture, ... but each of them has a common denominator in terms of the techniques used to create them.  For each of these techniques, we have been able to highlight the presence of common properties on which the design of   these works is based,
such as the golden section, the Fibonacci sequence, knowledge of antiquity... which means that although the processes are unique, the constituent elements of these works are common and universal.
Hence the need and necessity to found a museum dedicated to the representation of this universality, bringing together all works together, but   also all cultures, currents and periods,
so that the evidence of an essential element in the evolution of our civilizations may emerge.   

This knowledge must be used to build a new society, based on these principles of universality, and not on the principles of individuality that have cradled the developments of our civilization
in the twentieth century and as we can still unfortunately observe day after day.

The creation of a museum in order to promote, preserve and teach humanity its common cultural origin is today a matter of course.


Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen

Never before has a new millennium begun in such turmoil, calling into question our existence and the balance of Humanity. The global economic crisis of 2008 and the health crisis that is shaking the whole of humanity will call each of us to order.  They invite you to look at your role in this world and your mission in perpetuating the development of humanity and to ask what will become of our humanity in the future. 

It is your duty as an individual and collective conscience to place yourself in the context of the existence of our species and the duties that are incumbent upon you by the very fact of your existence. Your life is entrusted to you to give it meaning, this discovery and this museum, a unique trajectory that will make you grow as an individual, but which will also contribute to the development of the entire community.  These crises are a wake-up call to bring your attention back to these duties.

Although our cultures, our skin colours, our religions, are different, there is a uniqueness and universality to human creation and behind our racial, cultural or sociological differences, a unity of reasoning and conceptualization brings us together. It is therefore your duty to safeguard, protect and perpetuate it through generations and generations. This task cannot be carried out without your real will, without your real contribution to the construction of such a project! 

The whole of humanity needs you, it needs strong, symbolic gestures on your part, because what is at stake today is so great and noble that it is your duty to help us achieve it. Become the guide for the safeguarding and perpetuation of humanity, of civilizations finally reunited for future generations.While the duties of each and every man and woman in leadership roles (public or private) are gradually shifting - at last - from economic growth to the enhancement of well-being, our society is still in its infancy in this respect.  A first stumbling block to this mission is the sharing of knowledge and inspiration in society, from the youngest to the oldest.  

This is why, once again, conveying that Humanity is animated by a universal creative process is one of the prerequisites to which we must urgently contribute. It is necessary to promote the notion of commitment to the recognition of the universality of culture and to foster world unity around common values through the creation of our museum and the accompanying infrastructures on the African continent that will become the continent of the cultural future. This is, in essence, the first major mission that you have to fulfil: your commitment to gather the resources needed to address this stumbling block of human society in the centuries to come, a challenge that will be the fulfilment of the mandate that has brought you to your role today. A leadership role at your individual level but also focused on a global contribution in an interconnected society, both technologically and spiritually.It is a duty that will take you back to the root causes that motivated you to take up your current position. It is a complex duty, but it is certainly a challenge that goes beyond the present moment; a challenge worthy of being taken up that will give you a sense of accomplishment, that will give you a place in history, not to mention the recognition of your peers.  The real achievement will be to leave your name inscribed in gold lettering in the pantheon of the founders of this museum. 

It is a testament to the history of an entire humanity that your family and grandchildren will be proud of for generations to come. It will be the greatest and most beautiful legacy you will leave them.

As Albert Camus said, "True generosity towards the future consists in giving everything to the present. "and that present is to take action to enter into the history of mankind, our humanity.

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Le baiser de 1905 by brancusi, the origin

Le Baiser de 1905 is at the origin of the discovery of knowledge
and universal know-how of the process of Creation.

Le Baiser de 1905 is the heart of the Universae Museum.

Learn more about Le Baiser de 1905 

Le Baiser de 1905 Brancusi - baiser deux faces
Adam Al Mulla Koweit CESR Brancusi
Le Baiser de 1905 Brancusi signature
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La Colonne sans fin by Constantin Brancusi

Colonne sans fin brancusi universae museum
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